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Drafting the technical drawings for your addition:

Your next step, once you have a good idea on the type of addition you would like to have and its associated costs, is to consult with our architectural technologist. This meeting will serve as an opportunity to meet with our drafter and discuss the possibilities of your addition in greater detail.

This initial meeting also allows our drafter to analyze the scope of work that will be involved when drafting your home addition plans. It allows them to calculate an estimate and provide the cost for drafting your plans. Generally you would not receive the quote on the spot, during the meeting. However it will be presented to you within the following days in person or by email. Typically prices for home addition plans can vary from $900.00+tax to $2,500.00+tax. Evidently the price depends on many variables including the size of the addition, work carried out in existing side of home, non-standard designs, etc.

A second meeting will be scheduled with our drafter upon accepting the service offer and the estimate. During this meeting our drafter will return to take measurements and gather the information needed to commence the drafting process.

Going forward, these finished technical drawings will serve you in the next steps of the process. Without these drawings it would be impossible to receive municipal building permits, construction estimates and carry out any tasks in regards to the addition.