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Home Additions and Extensions

Need more space? A home addition or extension may be the solution

If you are looking to add space to your existing home all while raising the value of your current property, a home addition may be just what you need.  You can add living space to your current basement, ground floor and/or second floor all depending on the kind of addition you opt for. Additions on newly installed foundations tend to be the most costly but will also add the most value to your current home. Additions that use the structure that is currently in place, like adding lofts above garages, will usually be less expensive. This will allow you too add a considerable amount of living space to your home at an affordable price.

Home additions are becoming more and more popular today because these types of renovations add considerable value to your property and will raise the re-sale value of your home when/if ever you decide to sell one day.  Take a look below at some of our realizations and please feel free to contact us at anytime shall you have any questions.

Keep in mind that we give free consultations and a representative can come meet with you at your convenience to discuss the possibilities of a future renovation project.


new foundation ready for addition

home addition on new foundation

Depending on your budget their are a number of different types of additions or extensions. A full addition with new foundation will usually offer the most amount of new living space as you will enjoy the possibility of increasing living space on all three floors of your home.

added living space above existing garage

addition over existing garage

Use that space above of your garage to add living space. It will allow you to either add bedrooms, a bathroom or even create a family room. Normally the framework and foundation are already in place and this make it a cost efficient option to increase space in your home.

ground floor addition on metal support posts

ground floor addition on posts

A third option includes the possibility of extending your ground floor which normally allows for a larger kitchen or dining area that would allow for more natural light and open space concept.  This type of extension can be built on metal post (helical piles) which is a very cost efficient option.

Two story addition to enlarge a house

two story addition on foundation

A two story extension is the best way to benefit from the new fondation that will be put in place. It is the ideal way to capatilze on your investment and increase living space in your home. Visit our office location to consult with a specialist in regards to your addition plans.