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Home Photography Tips

It doesn’t take a professional or an expensive camera to take stunning photos of your home. These tips will have you taking Instagram-worthy photos in no time.


1. A tripod can make a huge difference. A steady hand isn’t always good enough when it comes to taking great photos. Even if you are using a smartphone to take photos a tripod will help make sure you get the crystal clear image you are looking for.


Using a couple of binder clips and a business card you can make a smartphone tripod in seconds.


2. Use natural and artificial lighting. Having a lot of natural light is the key to amazing photos but turning on some additional artificial lighting, even if it seems bright enough already, can add an extra glow to your photos. Stay away from using flash and fluorescent lighting whenever possible as it adds a very unnatural look to photos.

3. Watch out for mirrors. If you are shooting an area with mirrors or windows, be sure to shoot at an angle to avoid accidentally getting yourself in the photo.

4. Less is more. Don’t try to clutter your space for the photo. Having a clean, minimalist space can often make for a more professional look. This being said don’t be afraid to decorate, adding flowers and personal touches can add personality to the photo. Take a look on Pinterest or Houzz for ideas on staging your space.

5. Take a step back. Wider shots from further away can make your space look bigger and more open. Experiment with your photos by taking them from different distances. Chose a distance the captures your subject but doesn’t feel cramped.

6. Don’t stress. Getting the perfect photo takes time and patience, if you feel yourself getting frustrated walk away and come back with a clear head.

Hopefully these tips will help you capture the perfect photos or your home.